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1 month old


Grant is 1 month old now!  There's just sooooo much to say about this past month so I'll summarize it real quick: Cute little baby Grant loves to eat, eat, eat. He likes spending plenty of time alert and awake, looking around and learning about his surroundings. His naps are short (and sweet), but the nights are painful for the rest of us. We signed up for this, so thats ok, we'll adapt. :)  As for Mikeyla, she's been an amazing big sister, always helpful and ready to get involved.

Through my pregnancy, the doctor and ultrasound people estimated that Grant would turn out to be a big baby, so the doc agreed to set a date for us to come into the hospital and uhhhh "speed things up" to get labor going at 39 weeks (instead of 40).  That date was set for March 9th.  Well, Grant must have had his own plans because a day before that, on the morning of March 8th: POP!  My waters broke. Yes, a POP.  Literally, I felt a pop and heard it too. As if someone poked a balloon. Funny thing is,  weeks before that I read on the internet that some women experience this "pop" sensation when the waters break and I remember being skeptical. But alas, it was actually true! lol So after they broke I decided it'd be a great idea to hop in the shower... and then halfway through shampooing my hair, I thought "what the heck am I doing in the shower? we need to get to the hospital!!!" 

Anyway, I wont go into any details from the hospital, but to make a long story short, I had a pretty textbook labor that lasted about 10 hours.  With pain relief of course!  Phew.  Now, here we sit a month later with our adorable little baby Grant and his beautiful big sister, trying to re-learn everything baby-related. Burping, dirty diapers, rocking and swaying, and sterilizing pacifiers, and playing with the tiniest little toes on earth!